Welcome to Southern Recycling.

Southern Recycling is a full service recycling company serving Tennessee, Kentucky, and the surrounding states. Southern Recycling is a Houchens Industries company. Specializing in peddler to large industrial recycling, Southern Recycling is the answer to your recycling needs. Our dedicated logistics team strives to make your company’s scrap management goals a success. Southern Recycling welcomes you to any of our locations and we look forward to serving you.

We will are open to the public. We have put measures in place to keep our employees and customers safe. In order to make this work we will  follow a strict set of rules.

Only one customer will be allowed out of their vehicle at a time

 All materials must be loose, we will not accept them in plastic bags

 Customers will be responsible for placing material into marked receptacles

 Please maintain adequate social distancing, maintaining the 6 foot rule

Please look for additional signs and instructions when you are on site. Please help us follow these guidelines so we can remain open during these difficult times.